A New Transportation Experience

Amman Bus aims to improve public transportation in the capital by operating 135 buses throughout 27 routes in central Amman. Amman Bus provides a convenient transportation experience with advanced information system and electronic payments through using a prepaid and rechargeable card. Amman Buses are regular and frequent, all buses are clean, safe and easy to use. Buses are equipped with an electronic payment system and an advanced security system. Amman Bus is also accessible and can accommodate disabled and elderly passengers. The first phase of the project covers 11 out of 22 areas affiliated with the GAM, including Al Madina, Abdali, Basman, Tareq, Abu Nuseir, Shafa Badran, Sweileh, Jubeiha, Tla Al Ali, Al Naser and Marka through 135 buses 52 of which will be able to accommodate 59 passengers while the remaining 83 buses can fit 42 passengers. Expansion plans include 150 more buses and 34 new routes. To use Amman bus; a passenger card must be purchased and charged with the desired balance from one of our point of sales either at the main bus stations or through a vending machine available in several strategic locations. The passenger card can be recharged and used for two years.



Our buses are cleaned regularly. Additionally, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the bus.


Our buses are safe and well maintained, all buses are monitored by CCTV through the control room.


Our buses start regular trips from stations and stop only on designated bus stops with regular frequencies.


Our buses are easy to use; all buses are equipped with electronic payment system. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Manage and Plan your Trip Easily

Amman Bus mobile app helps you plan your trip easily and quickly, it provides real time information about buses schedules and expected arrival times.

How to use Amman Bus App:

  • Register your name and your prepaid card number in order to access the features of the app.
  • You can check your card’s balance and you can recharge your card through the app using a credit card.
  • The app will recognize your current location as the starting point, if the starting point is different you can enter it.
  • Enter your destination point.
  • The fastest route will be shown on the map with information about stops, times and fare.
  • If you don't have a prepaid card, you can download a QR Code card for free and charge it through the app.
  • The app displays the nearest bus stops to you, notifications of service update and points of sale.

To download Amman Bus app:

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A Convenient Electronic Payment System


The trip fare depends on the route, check the table of tariffs to know the fare of your selected trip.


Amman Bus card

In order to use Amman Bus and BRT, a prepaid card should be purchased and charged with the desired amount. The prepaid card is the only way to use the service; cash is not accepted on Amman Bus or BRT. You can also download the QR Code card for free through Amman Bus app, and you can recharge it through the app or through our points of sale.


Points of sale

Amman Bus card can be purchased and recharged from Amman Bus kiosks and Amman Bus vending machines in addition to the official agents in several locations.

Check the nearest point of sale to you.



Exemptions on tariff are given to the physically disabled and passengers above 65 year-old. A special card is issued to illegible passengers.